Friday, October 26, 2012

original artwork pages 
Dark Horse Comic's B.P.R,D.   
These is something under my bed,                      
Written by Joe Harris 
penciled by  Adam Pollina, 
Inked by yours truly 
Page 1

Page 2

Page 3
Page 4
Page 11

Page 17 
Page 21

I began my carreer a year before  graduation working in an animation cartoon studio, while getting my degree at Syracuse University.  

After graduation I decided to move to New York City, to expand my professional possibilities.  

I got my first job in the comic book industry around 1997.

Early during this time I worked as a Ghost (uncredited work) and after a relative short time I managed to get my work credited in Marvel's X-Force. 

It didn't  bother me not to get credited for some of my work, to this day I undestand it to be part of the relation of master apprentice in the renaissance tradition so I found ways around it. For example,  perhaps semi-consciously, I began peppering  a few subtle Basque winks and tags. Well, some not so subtle at all: there were iconic Basque symbols, letters, words, even phrases and names of Basque Rock and Rap bands, etc. Things I thought would not be recognized by anybody. 

I figured no other Basques were likely to be working as artists in the comic book industry. I never thought I was getting away with anything. If any of the camouflaged, incomprehensible Basque "winks" I drew in the background would have jumped out as any kind of red flag to an Editor, the worst that could have happened was that I would've simply erased them and drew them over. But that never happened. On the contrary, I think that my when some of the books I worked on in America got published back in Europe, the "Basque winks" that I thought I had concealed so inconspicuously were eventually discovered. This led  to some very considerable attention until finally the University of Nevada got news of my "affairs".

I began assisting with background pencils X-Force in 1997 with #75 and continued until #81 in 1998. 

Along with other such as Image's Nosferatu 1922 and Withcblade INFINITY titles as well as DC's Big Daddy Danger. 

Here are some samples during my genesis in my carreer.

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